(suggested time frame-adjustable per student/family need to create individualized approach)

The transition to college or university mirror's many of the major transitions which occur in life. Imagine having an advocate and mentor to support your student as they gather information to make an informed decisions, while developing the skills necessary for future periods of transition. What a gift!

Get the entire shebang as we coach the student to reflect and identify the values, desires, and goals unique to their own pathway.  We work with students to make informed choices and create opportunities in the transition to university (domestic & international), career or gap year programs.  


  • Each package is individualized to meet the unique needs of each student.  

  • In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent to identify “the Why” for each person.

  • Changing any limiting beliefs and gain clarity on values before exploring college options

  • Personalized research, reflective practices, mindful and empowerment coaching throughout the process.

  • In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent for domestic and international options

  • Career interest exploration and coaching to identify strengths and skill sets for rapidly changing job market

  • Coaching and opportunity building to identify activities, internships and summer programs to assist students in exploring their own interests and goals.

  • Discuss strategies and balance for standardized testing and test optional schools.

  • Expert review of academic record and guidance on course selection, IB course selection for best point attainment, and coaching through IB project choices.

  • Recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer activities unique to each student, with an outside the box approach to development

  • Well researched list of programs or university options unique to the values identified by the student

  • Guidance and individual advice on making successful college visits with developed list of personalized questions to make visits meaningful

  • Authentic college application building, including essay, activities, personal branding, storytelling.

  • Coaching students on communicating who they are and their unique attributes both on paper for applications and for presentations during interviews.



* Includes all services and unlimited quick question support via text through the briteguide transition.

* Professional truth telling-with experience and the pulse of admissions practices, Briteguide soley coaches students to explore options by fit rather than selectivity or expectations.  This process is all about the development of the student first and foremost.


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