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Briteguide produces content and coaching to empower young people. Our students gain a more developed sense of self, defined values, and an empowerment mindset through high school better prepared to explore opportunities and universities both locally and globally.

Create your own authentic path to success.

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Briteguide paved the most important path for the start of my adulthood.

– Amira Olingou

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You’ve got this.

We work with parents, students and educators to shift from an achievement mindset to an empowerment mindset, and from limited opportunities to a world of opportunities.

Making choices and exploring options through high school and beyond is challenging. Imagine shifting this experience from stress and uncertainty, to exploration and identifying an abundance of options. We coach students to identify their unique interests, strengths and values, then match them with opportunities and schools locally and globally. Through self-awareness, they create authentic choices.

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Empowering young people to shift from chasing their next chapter, to creating their next chapter.

Package 1

3 month engagement

Empower purpose driven goals

for Students
grades 7 - 12

Package 2

12 month engagement

Create your next chapter: college & beyond

for Students
grades 11 - 12

Package 3

4 month engagement

Go Global:
applying to international universities

for Students
grades 11 - 12, and adults

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Education without borders.

Briteguide offers expertise in international opportunities for the cosmopolitan student- from high school seniors to adults looking for a master’s. Many countries offer a stellar education at tuition rates far less than US colleges, often offering three year degree programs. Let Briteguide help you redefine yourself as an international student, explore new worlds and build a killer Instagram account.

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