Why exploring your college options internationally can be the match you’re looking for!


Meet Paul. Paul is a high school senior who I am sitting down with to review his college application, or, as I like to call it, his portfolio. Paul has the highest test score in his graduating class, but when reviewing his transcript, he has very inconsistent grades. This usually tells me one of two things; he experienced some personal challenges or he was inconsistent in his work and focus. Either way, I have to understand why and help craft an explanation for his grades.  With some questioning, I find Paul was not focused in grades 9 and 10 and let his homework slip, with some recent maturity he admits to his mistakes. He mentions he really excels in the subjects that he finds interesting. Fast forward, three months, Paul is not getting accepted into any of his schools. He is applying for business programs, and the competition is staring him in the face.

During our next meeting, I discuss the options of exploring universities outside the United States. This option can benefit him, as the entry requirements and application process in many other country systems do not require his transcript of grades. Additionally, many programs are completely focused on the major the student is applying to. For example, applying at universities in the UK will allow him to apply to the finance programs he is interested in, only taking classes geared toward that course of study. I explain to him it is almost like a mini masters degree and his face lights up! So here we are now and he is receiving many wonderful acceptances at some of the best international universities there are. His perspective has shifted, new opportunities are budding and his confidence is raising.


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I’m not going to lie, there is a huge leap here.


I share this story as an example of the many pathways open to students today. There are some things to consider as you begin opening the door to the world. Below I share some of the benefits and considerations of exploring universities internationally. This is a general list and in the courses and resources, we offer you can learn more about the specifics of each country system. Each system can have different requirements and structure to learning.


The Benefits:

  • Cost: The price tag can range from 400 Euro in France to 25,000 pounds in the UK.  The cost is usually significantly lower than the climbing tuition in the US. Many schools will take FAFSA loans too.

  • Your Major: Do you have a clear idea of your major? Are you eager to be immersed in the topics tied to your major? Then international colleges might be a great fit for you!  

  • Time:  Because your major is focused from year 1, degrees usually take only 3 years to complete

  • Pathways to Apply: If your college portfolio has some marks, there are many options to apply abroad that can help you find the academic program to match your academic goals.  Don’t do well on standardized tests? They may not be considered in your application internationally.

  • Celebrate You:  You are unique when applying abroad! You become the international student bringing your experience, culture and diversity to campus. They want you!

  • Travel & Languages: Imagine how close you will be to new countries you can travel to on weekends or during breaks. Do you have a second language you would love to practice?

  • Career Portfolio: The job market is rapidly changing and cultural understanding and exposure can open new doors. Also, many international hubs for jobs can expand your network.

  • Visas: Being abroad can help you obtain a work visa and possibly dual citizenship with another country, more open doors!


I’m not going to lie, there is a huge leap here. For the right student, who is ready to soak up the world, or the student who is ready to jump into their major, exploring university with a global lens can be a great benefit. Just review the benefits above!

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Joel Blair